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Praise for Flat Water

"Flat Water is an honest and empathetic depiction of grief. When Monty loses his brother to a shark attack, he abandons California, his family, and his great love--surfing--for Nebraska; but he can't outrun his past, his pain, or the sharks. Propelled by the energy of Broyles' wit and sparkling prose, Monty's story, like the waves he used to chase, is equal parts surprising and inevitable, brilliant and heartbreaking."


-Meagan Lucas, author of Songbirds and Stray Dogs

"Jeremy Broyles' Flat Water will rock you in oceanic waves, both literal and emotional--waves built on powerful sentences like this: 'Where moving water meets planted land, there trades a violent negotiation counted in broken, pulverized rocks.' Such sentences carry you into the heart of a story about love, loss, and grief. From the riptide of grief, Broyles doesn't flinch. Flat Water gives us a clear-eyed look at what it means to suffer great pain, to navigate the murky waters of self-blame, and, ultimately, to find the possibility of self-forgiveness in grief's wake."


-Ann Cummins, author of Red Ant House and Yellowcake

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