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Flat Water, Main Street Rag2023

What Becomes of Ours, ELJ Publications, 2014

Short Fiction

"Trash Fish," Fatal Flaw2024

"No One Will Miss the Alphas," BULL2023

"Somehow, I'm the Asshole," (CNF) Black Fork Review, 2023

"Scabs and Scrap," Magical Midwest, 2022

"Open Mic Night at The Pigeon Coop," Forge Zine, 2022

"The Ticket Stub Time Traveler," Olney Magazine, 2022

"Cookie Jar People," Reckon Review, 2021

"Knuckle Dragger," Pigeon Review, 2021

"Amado Zuniga's Apocalypse Box," Red Rock Review, 2020

"Knees and Toes," Rock and a Hard Place Magazine, 2020

"Watching over the Pleistocene Epoch," Suburbia Journal, 2020

"Resist Such Wickedness," Scarlet Leaf Review, 2019

"Thickness at the Plate," Pembroke Magazine, 2016

"Cupcakes for Good Boys," scissors & spackle, 2015

"The Thunderbird and the Gentlemen," Santa Clara Review, 2013

"Run to See Who Has the Most Guts," Mikrokosmos, 2011 

"Little Boneless Black Birds," Sliver of Stone Magazine, 2011

"The Gifted Right Arm of William David Brakebill," The MacGuffin, 2009

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